Assessor's Office Update

Drew Sanders, Keokuk County Assessor

The Keokuk County Assessor's Office is beginning a project to help make sure

properties which have a dwelling are correctly listed. This involves sending an interior

information sheet to property owners for each dwelling in the County. We currently use

this information sheet to collect information on the interior of a dwelling when we are

unable to inspect the interior. It has also been used with new dwellings and recent

sales. Our office is requesting that the property owner fill out the informational sheet and

return it to the Assessor's office. This project is being done to update the Assessor's

Office records.

            The information sheet will mainly have areas that you would either; check which your dwelling has (such as the type of foundations), or write in a number (such as the total

number of rooms). At the bottom right of the form, there is an area to list any detached

buildings that may also be on the property. This could be detached garages, barns,

garden sheds, or other types of buildings. One would list the type of building, year built if

known, and size. At the bottom left of the form, there is an area where you can write any

comments that you think may affect the value of your dwelling. You may also indicate in

the comment area if you want our office to review your property. At the bottom, there is

a question whether you have made improvements within the last five years and the

cost. Definitions and instructions are on the back of the information sheet.

            Why would I want to provide this information to the Assessor? The assessed value is an estimate of your dwelling's market value. The goal of our office is to have your property

valued at a fair and reasonable market value. We can have a better estimate of the

value if we have the information correctly listed. There are many reasons why you

would want your property correctly listed and the assessed value to be at current market

value. These could include; if you are looking to sell your home, there's a disaster which

damages your home, or for possible estate and financial planning. While our valuations

are used to determine property taxes, the information and valuation we have is utilized

by a number of other industries. These include, but not limited to: insurance agents,

claim adjusters, private appraisers, realtors, FEMA, banks and lending institutions, and

financial planners/advisors as well as other possible businesses.

            Will this increase my value if I supply this information? The information provided to our office may increase your valuation. It may also decrease it depending on what we

currently have listed. The majority of the possible valuation increases will probably be

minimal due to the possible value added of the items on the form. Some of the items are

for informational purposes only, such as room count. There is a section on the form (the

lower left-hand corner) to write comments about your property which you feel may affect

its value.

            This mailing will be taking place in the middle of February. It would be appreciated if you would return this form to the Assessor's Office. There will be a return envelope enclosed in the mailing.