County Sups all in for new maintenance facility

The new maintenance facility is set to be located at a spot called the "East Yards", land that has been owned by the Keokuk County Highway Department for several years now.

Sigourney, Iowa- By the end of 2019, the Keokuk County Secondary Roads Department hopes to have a new county maintenance facility, courtesy of the Keokuk County Supervisors. At a meeting held on December 26, the Supervisors green lighted the new facility, after a competitive bid process held in December. County Engineer Andy McGuire went over the bids received for the project, opened on December 17. A total of seven bids were received for the project, something that McGuire found to be encouraging.

“To receive seven bids on a project of this nature speaks to how competitive this thing really was and I’m really, really excited about that level of competition,” McGuire said.

The apparent low bid was from SG Construction, of Burlington. The base bid for the core maintenance facility was $2,664,005. An additional alternative for completed office space for engineering staff was $149,796, bringing the total bid to $2,813,801. McGuire said that based on his research, he did not see any concerns with SG Construction.

“I would see no reason to have any hesitation in terms of selecting SG as a contractor,” McGuire said. ““The climate right now is very good for pulling in a really good contractor and if we were to let this one pass, that opportunity might go,” he added.

McGuire said that this is a “once in a lifetime” project. He noted that in the current maintenance facility, the “newest” portion of the building was built in 1920. 

“If we get that kind of lifespan out of this building, I’ll be thrilled. We’ve spent some time really putting together a project that’s going to last for a long, long time,” McGuire said. “It should be a really good facility,” he also said.

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