Daily Reminder of “A Good Soul”

Pictured with the table are: Michelle Clarahan, RN; Katherine Jaeger, RN; Bonnie Clubb, RN; Rob Baker, P.A.-C; Michelle Malloy, ARNP; Deb Horras, clinic manager; staff not pictured, Heather Denny, Mandy Moore, Donna Bair and Mitzi Fisch, RN [photo by Robin Handy].
The picnic table was donated by Gayle Moore and family in memory of Connie Kapple, longtime nurse employed by UI Health Care who passed away earlier this year. Merrill (Rabbi) Decker made the table for the Moore family.
Several staff members have already enjoyed the picnic table, which is inscribed by Rabbi with “A Good Soul.” It’s a great opportunity to share fond memories and keep Connie’s spirit alive within the clinic.