Fire destroys vacant home in Delta

When first responders arrived, they found a vacant home fully engulfed in flames.

Delta, Iowa- A large fire in Delta on July 2 destroyed a vacant home. Firefighters were called to the home during overnight hours in reference to the fire. According to Sigourney Fire Chief Bill Halleran, the cause of the fire is officially labeled as undetermined, however based on evidence collected at the scene and witness interviews, there was reason to believe that fireworks may have played a role in the fire.


            “It’s undetermined because the house is on the ground. There’s fireworks reminents in the neighbor’s yard, in the street, and in the yard of the house that caught on fire. We spoke with the neighbor across the street. They admitted lighting fireworks up to one to two hours before the fire was called in. They were ‘big fireworks’ and they were shooting them over the top of this house. I can’t 100 percent point the finger, but when it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck,” Halleran said.


            Halleran reported that there was no injuries as a result of the fire. He added, however, that common sense is needed when it comes to using fireworks.


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