First Resources Drops City Recycling

Sigourney, Iowa- The City of Sigourney is considering its’ options after First Resources informed Mayor Doug Glandon that the company will no longer be taking recycling from the city, effective February 1, 2019. The letter from First Resources was received by the City of Sigourney on Monday, December 17, and was presented to the Sigourney City Council at their regular meeting on December 19. Glandon said that the city council sanitation committee will be holding a special meeting to review the letter.

            “We’re going to discuss it and see how to proceed,” Glandon said.

            The committee, which would not exceed a quorum, will review options and make recommendations to the City Council at their January 2 meeting. 

            The letter in question is dated December 14 and addressed directly to Glandon, though it was received at city offices. The letter was signed by Lori Drummond, Director of Disability Services. Financial obligations appeared to be a reason for the no longer continuing City recycling, according to the letter.

            “We have private businesses that pay us to take cardboard and we will continue to provide this service to them,” Drummond wrote. 

            Glandon said that the City has not paid First Resources in the past for recycling services. Drummond closed her letter to Glandon and the City by suggesting that financial problems that have hit the recycling industry hard have made their way down to First Resources.

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