Governor makes donuts during Sigourney visit

SADC held a ribbon cutting at Oh Donuts, with Governor Kim Reynolds particpating.

Sigourney, Iowa- Governor Kim Reynolds visited Sigourney on Friday morning, December 14, as part of her 99-county tour across the state. The Governor’s stated purpose was to stop by a new business in Sigourney. In doing that, Reynolds stopped by Sigourney’s newest business, Oh Donuts, and spoke with owner Carson King about how he established his business in Sigourney.

            As reported in the December 5 edition of the News-Review, Oh Donuts is run by Carson King, as well as his son, Zach. During the visit on Friday, in addition to talking about how he got his start, King demonstrated for Reynolds how Donuts are made.

            Oh Donuts focuses on two simple things: coffee and donuts. King, a Chef, said that his focus is on providing a healthy alternative to residents. King’s whole grain donuts are made fresh in Oh Donuts throughout the day. King says organic is a must for him, with King and his son only using organic ingredients, purchased only from local suppliers.

            During the visit, King demonstrated for Reynolds how he prepares donuts, before turning the apron and the griddle over to the Governor. Reynolds took over, but not before making a tongue in cheek reference about her governorship.

            “Something to fall back on… just in case being Governor doesn’t work out,” Reynolds said with a laugh.

            Reynolds was also on hand with members of SADC to do a ribbon cutting for Oh Donuts. 

For more on this story and others, catch the December 19 edition of the News-Review.