Iowa Contractor Will Help One Iowa Family "Take Shelter" in a Free Hide-Away Storm Shelter

Clive, IA June 12, 2014 - Storm Shelters of Iowa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Buresh Home Solutions, Inc. and a leading provider of above-ground tornado shelters in Iowa, is pleased to announce the "Take Shelter" campaign, which will award a Hide-Away Storm Shelter to one deserving Iowa family absolutely free of charge. 

"We are extremely proud to be the first in Iowa to offer the affordable and flexible security offered by Hide-Away Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms, "said Brian Buresh, President of Buresh Home Solution." "Giving away a storm shelter just seemed like the right thing to do as we try to raise awareness about the need for an emergency plan during the height of tornado season here in the Midwest."

Hide-Away Storm Shelters are manufactured in Harrisonville, MO by Staying Home Corporation and are engineered to protect occupants through F5 tornadoes. The company offers several sizes and models, including folding Hide-Away Safe Rooms that are specifically designed for use in schools and classrooms to protect school children, teachers, and staff from severe storms as well the increasing incidents of school violence. These specialized in-school safe rooms offer all the storm protection of standard units with the additional capability to withstand up .30 caliber armor piercing rounds. 

"We've been accused of 'over-engineering' our shelters," said Mike Vogt, CEO Staying Home Corporation. "And it's true that our shelters go well beyond the standards set by FEMA and the National Wind Institute (NWI), but can we ever really go too far where the safety of families and school children is involved? We don't think so. Which is why we don't want families or students taking cover in anything less than a shelter constructed of 1/4"-thick steel plate. We never want to second guess whether we built our shelters strong enough."

To learn more about the "Take Shelter" campaign or nominate a family (including their own) people can visit and complete the online questionnaire. The winning family will be selected by a committee of Buresh Home Solutions, Storm Shelters of Iowa, and Staying Home representatives. Selection will take place on July 11, 2014 and the winner notified directly. A public announcement will be published on the Buresh Home Solutions and Storm Shelters of Iowa websites and social media channels on or about that date.