Keokuk County Board: Budget and Highways

The Keokuk County Board Of Supervisors met for their weekly meeting on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. in The Board Room Of The Keokuk County Courthouse. Chairman, Michael C. Hadley called the meeting to order and the agenda was approved by fellow Board members in attendance; Vice-Chairman, Daryl Wood, and Supervisor, Michael Berg.

            The meeting was bookended by budget reviews. First up was the new Keokuk County Attorney, Amber Thompson, who made minimal changes on the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Review. The same held true for Keokuk County Recorder, Dawn Goldman, who met with the Board near the close of the meeting and shared that the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Review for Dept. 07 also contained few changes in projected revenue or expenditures.

            During the meeting with Keokuk County Highway Department, three resolutions were approved:

o  Resolution Authorizing The Keokuk County Engineer To Execute Certifications In Connection With All Farm To Market Construction Projects In Keokuk County.

o  Resolution Authorizing The Keokuk County Engineer And Other Designated Representatives To Issue Special (Oversized) Permits In Accordance With Chapter 321e Of The Code Of Iowa.

o  Resolution Authorizing The Keokuk County Engineer And The Assistant To The Engineer To Execute The Requirements Of Section 306.41 Of The Code Of Iowa (Temporary Road Closings).

            Part of the future plans for the Keokuk County Highway Department will have a significant impact impact on Keota residents, in both the near and distant future. The Board gave permission, which will allow the Highway Department to speed up the process of fixing W-15, from Keota, all the way north to Highway 22. Rather than the recent patch-n-go fixes, this will be an actual overlay of W-15, with some other safety measures added as well. For example, Keokuk County Engineer Andrew McGuire explained that paved shoulders will be added from Hwy 92 north into Keota, and rumble strips will be built into the existing slab as well as added to the shoulders. 

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