Made like Mom

Connie Batterton, and her husband James, recently started Mom's Bakery in Sigourney.

Sigourney, Iowa- For those Sigourney residents needing to satisfy that sweet tooth, another option exists. Mom’s Family Bakery has opened their doors and is ready to help residents fulfill their sweet treat cravings. Connie Batterton own and runs Mom’s. She said that the Bakery will have a variety of sweet treats for residents.

            “My specialities is cheesecakes. We do have a variety of other cakes, cookies, breads, pies,” Batterton said. “My favorite thing is to have somebody taste one of my cheesecakes and have their eyes roll back into their head. It’s my absolute favorite thing,” she added.

            Batterton said that when her children were growing up, she was known as the “mom” on the block, hence the name of her bakery.

            “I was the mom on the block obviously, so everybody called me mom, everybody had special things that they loved for me to cook for them, so I kind of expanded on that,” she said. “I just love to cook and I love it when people like my cooking,” she also said.

            Opening a bakery had always been a dream of Batterton, however plans had fallen through in the past. During the 2018 RAGBRAI visit to Keswick, Batterton set up a booth in the downtown area with her cheesecakes for sale. Several people from out of town commented to Batterton that they would love to sell her cheesecakes. At that point, Batterton realized she needed to get a business license.

            “That’s what prompted this step,” she said.

            Batterton posted a message on social media that she was looking for a place where she could set up shop to cook. Finally, she got a hit. Before long, Batterton found herself touring through 106 S. Main St in Sigourney, visualizing all the work that needed done.