McClenahan Puts On for Coe

When Tanner McClenahan was little he would wake up at six in the morning to run on the treadmill.
“I don’t remember what grade I was in, but in elementary school I’d get up at six in the morning and watch TV while I ran on the treadmill,” Coe College junior and Keota alumni Tanner McClenahan said. “My dad has always been a runner and I just liked to do it,” he added. “I wouldn’t really say I was good at running, but it always interested me and I had a lot of energy when I was a kid. I never really took [running] seriously, though.”
Now for the first time in his life, Tanner has completely invested himself in the art of running and is taking it seriously, to say the least, as a member of both Coe’s cross country and track and field teams.
McClenahan originally attended Coe College for the opportunity to play baseball. After failing to make the team, Tanner began working out on his own and soon built himself into excellent shape. Before he knew it, McClenahan was garnering attention for Coe’s cross country staff and second-year assistant Hannah Weiss, who came to Tanner offering a chance to discuss joining the team.
The full story is available in this week's SNR.