Murphy sentenced to 25 years

Matthew Murphy was sentenced before Jefferson County on June 12.
The judge ordered Murphy to 25 years in prison on his second -degree sexual
abuse conviction where the jury found Murphy guilty on April 7. This sentencing
carried a mandatory 70 percent
Murphy was formerly employed by the Southern Iowa Area Crime
Commission and as a Reserve Deputy for the Keokuk County Sheriff's Department.
According to Iowa state law, Sex Abuse in the Second Degree is a Class B
forcible felony requiring mandatory prison sentence of 25 years.  It is also subject to
the 70 percent rule for certain forcible felonies meaning that the individual must
serve 70 percent of their time before becoming eligible for parole and also places
the individual in the custody of the Director of the Iowa Department of Corrections
for the rest of their lifetime on parole which can be revoked and a 2 year term of
imprisonment for a violation may be imposed for a first offense and 5 years for each
subsequent offense.
County prosecuting attorney Tim Dilley said, “These cases are why I do what
I do. Justice was served and I hope it will provide some solace and closure to the
minor victim and her family so they can heal from what has happened to them.”
Murphy second trial is slated to begin July 25.