Opportunity Knocks for Sinclair Tractor

By Robin Handy, NR Editor

“One thing I learned early on from my Dad, ‘the farm next door will only come up for sale once in your lifetime’ — sometimes, you have to take a leap that you may not be ready for, but you can get ready for [opportunity knocked] — so, we bought the ‘farm next door’,” said Bob Sinclair of the newly reformed Sinclair Tractor, formerly STI or Sigourney Tractor and Implement.


January 2011, Bob saw the opportunity to purchase a business with two locations (Bloomfield and Centerville). “This provided us with the opportunity to better understand the challenges of operating more than one store,” said Bob.


To further complicate the equation, Bob added two NAPA stores (Centerville/Williamsburg) later that same year.


“They always say, if you enjoy your job; then you don’t work anymore,” said Bob. “It’s fun for me to interact with more customers and more employees.”

January 2014, Sinclair Tractor added eight new stores to their family of John Deere dealerships — Wow!


Bob seized the opportunity to grow from three stores to eleven stores with the addition of Durant, Fairfield, Houghton, Mediapolis, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Washington and Winfield.


“Our primary goal or responsibility right now is to improve our performance and provide the kind of service we are known for throughout southeast Iowa,” said Bob.


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