RAGBRAI pre-ride coming to Sigourney

Sigourney, Iowa- The RAGBRAI pre-ride will be coming through Sigourney tomorrow afternoon and evening. What is a pre-ride? A pre-ride is an inspection of the RAGBRAI route into and out of Sigourney. Staff members with RAGBRAI will start in Newton, the overnight town preceding Sigourney, and will then ride all of the day 4 route, including going through each pass through town, as well as the meeting town. In addition, staff will stop and stay overnight in Sigourney. The pre-ride is a sneak peak of day 4 of RAGBRAI 2018. Information gleaned during the pre-ride will be turned over to the RAGBRAI Sigourney committee for the committee to review and tweak anything as necessary.


Close to 45 riders are expected to arrive in Sigourney around 3 pm on Thursday and meet at the downtown square. A sidewalk chalk contest around the square will also be ongoing around the square in the afternoon hours. Community judging will begin at 5 pm, with community members voting by monetary donations. A grill out will also start at 6 pm on the square with pre-ride participants, including RAGBRAI Executive Director TJ Juskiewicz.