Schultz Brings Rock Iowa Program to Local High Schools


Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz will visit students at Pekin High School in Packwood and Waco High School in Wayland on Tuesday, March 4, to encourage them to learn about and participate in the election process through his Rock Iowa program.

“It’s great to see young Iowans get excited about voting through the Rock Iowa program,” Schultz said.  “When young people get involved in the process early on, they tend to continue participating in the future.”

Rock Iowa is a partnership between the Iowa Secretary of State’s office and the nationally recognized Rock the Vote program.  It’s an interactive educational opportunity for high school seniors to learn about Iowa's voting process.  These seniors are freshman voters and many will be casting a ballot for the first time this year.  The goal is to educate the students about Iowa's election process and the importance of voting and exercising that right.

Tuesday, March 4

10 – 11 a.m.

Pekin High School

1062 Birch Avenue, in Packwood