SHS National Honor Society Grows 10-Fold!

The 2013-2014 National Honor Society inductees from Sigourney Jr./Sr. High School gathered with current members for a group photo [photo by Jessica Dobbins].


Earlier this year, a special ceremony was held to honor a select group of Sigourney’s youth.


This honor wasn’t for their athletic abilities, but rather for their leadership in academics as well as in their community.


Eleven 2013-2014 Sigourney Jr./Sr. High School inductees join current National Honor Society members: Emily Danowski, Skyler Hazelett, Gretchen Witzenburg and Sarah Stanley.


The newly inducted members include: Peyton Crawford, Stacy Mohr, Montana McRunnels, Kacey Cranston, Kaitlyn Dillon, Courtney Herman, Emily Sande, Brooke Schroeder, Ashley Shadley, Karah Appleget and Kevin Weber.


It is a rare honor to recognize such a large class of outstanding young adults. Sigourney is very fortunate to celebrate such an honor.