Spanish options considered at Tri-County for 18-19’

            Tri-County Superintendent Chad Straight on Monday made the recommendation to the Board of Edudcation for the district look to other local schools to share a Spanish teacher next school year after a semester without an instructor on campus.

            “I don’t think we need a full-time instructor, but I do think we could use a half-time instructor to fit our needs,” Straight said. “It would be better for our students to have someone in the classroom.”

            This recommendation comes as Tri-County has struggled with its ICN Spanish courses implemented this school year after the district’s previous instructor chose to return to Spain and not stay with Tri-County. Oskaloosa agreed to have Tri-County students join their classrooms through ICN for Spanish 1 through Spanish 4. Issues ensued almost immediately. According to Principal Clay Harrold last semester, the issues were mainly technological and the school exempted assignments from the first few weeks. Students who had withdrawn from the classes due to grade concerns returned and a pass/fail system was decided upon to ensure GPAs were not affected.

            Straight also addressed if Tri-County cannot find an instructor to share, the Board would have to consider a full-time Spanish position or look at online options once again. He also stated that it was unlikely the district could find a part-time instructor in the immediate area.

            “Finding a part-time or full-time person is really difficult,” Straight said. “Your best option to ever find a part-time Spanish teacher is if you find someone retired that would be willing to come back and teach in your area, which is typically rare.”

            According to Straight, a half-time teacher would provide Spanish 1, Spanish 2 and a combined Spanish 3 and 4 over three school periods. The Board approved this recommendation, and would consider putting out an ad for a full-time position if the former option does not work out.

            The Board also were recommended to retain Mike Striegel as Agriculture Instructor/FFA Sponsor for the 2018-19 school year, who had come into the position after the resignation of the former Ag instructor.

            “[Mike] has done a nice job and has helped us out with this program,” Straight said. “From what he’s said, he’s willing to keep doing this for another year.”

            Teaching contracts will be awarded and discussed near the end of the school year in April or May.