Tri-County offense not enough against Moravia

Taylor Dowd was able to score twice after getting on base with two singles and stole one base at Moravia on May 24.

The Tri-County softball team got some early run support for their young pitchers but lost the momentum early on in their game at Moravia on May 24, which they wound up taking a 3-15 loss.

    One bright spot for the Lady Trojans was their power hitters finding a way to get a bat on the ball early in the game. Taylor Dowd got things going with a single in the first inning followed by a single from Reace Thomas. Dowd was able to get to home plate as Tri-County struck first. Unfortunately, that momentum didn’t last long, and Moravia took away the lead for good.

    Miranda Little faced a tough outing in her second game on the mound, her first when she replaced Emma Miover earlier in the week against Iowa Valley. In that game, she pitched 4 1/3 innings while allowing two runs on three hits and striking out two. Against Moravia, it was tough sledding as she gave up three hits and five walks in the first inning. Miover took over for her and pitched the remaining 1 1/3 innings, allowing four runs to score on three hits.

    Dowd again led off the Lady Trojans offense in the top of the third, singling then stealing second base. Myrissa Garber drove her in for Dowd’s second run scored of the game, but the rally wasn’t enough as Tri-County was limited to two runs in the third.

    Lady Trojan leaders: Taylor Dowd – 2 runs, Taylor Dowd – 2 hits, Myrissa Garber – 1 RBI, Taylor Dowd – 1 SB

    The Lady Trojans closed out their first week of play against Belle Plaine on May 25.