Washington County Riverboat Foundation announces fall grant winners

Sigourney Fire and Rescue were among the local recipients of fall grants from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation. 

Washington, Iowa- In this season of giving, the Washington County Riverboat Foundation has announced over $1 Million in fall grant recipients. Of the over $1 Million in grants announced, $125,287 was awarded directly to communities in Keokuk County, with projects in Keota receiving $70,335 alone. Projects in Keokuk County that were awarded monies include:


            Keota Community Schools Computer Lab Update ($38,595)

            Keota Fire Department Breathing Aparatus ($21,837)

            City of Keota LUCAS Device ($9,903)

            Sigourney Fire and Rescue High Pressure Air Bags ($6,030)

            City of Hedrick LUCAS Device ($9,903)

            City of South English LUCAS Device ($9,903)

            City of Keswick LUCAS Device ($9,903)

            City of What Cheer LUCAS Device ($9,903)

            Richland Public Library Windows and Doors ($9,310)


            In the spring, over $60,000 worth of grants were awarded to Keokuk County Communities.


            The recipients of the fall grants were decided at the November 14 meeting of the Washington County Riverboat Association. The winners were announced on November 15.