What Cheer Pleased with 2016 Grand Marshals

John and Pat DeBoef have been selected as the 2016 Grand Marshals for the What Cheer Fourth Of July Parade.   John became the pastor of the Hilltop Chapel Church in 1965, and married Pat in February of 1969.   During their marriage, they have had four children who have blessed them with 16 grandchildren, all while remaining faithful to their congregation, even seeing it through a move from its downtown location to its current location.

The DeBoef’s say that one of the favorite things about living in What Cheer is the people; whether it is the 30-40 that are are at church weekly or the other people in the community they meet on a daily basis.  In fact, their favorite memory has been watching the congregation grow and the people create their own lives and families as well.

When asked what is one thing that you want people to know about you, they responded with, “We want people to know that we are here to help other, particularly with peace in their life.  We believe in having a close relationship with God both now and in the after life.”

            When John is not working on his weekly sermons, you can find the DeBoef’s bicycling, camping, reading, or you may find Pat fishing, which is not a hobby of John’s.  She even knows how to bait her own hook.  I think it is safe to say that John caught himself a perfect companion in life.   If you are around What Cheer on the Fourth make sure that you say hello to your 2016 What Cheer Grand Marshals.